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he project «Sustainable Tourism – From Herzegovina trails to Dubrovnik Elaphite islands» is financed by the European Union under the IPA CBC program Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Project is implemented with the cooperation of eight partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy in the area of Ravno, Neum, Ljubinje, Trebinje (BH), Dubrovnik and Elaphite islands (Croatia) from December 2014 to December 2016. The Project Coordinator in BiH is the Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK Mostar, and the partners are Ravno Municipality, Adventure Tourism Association – ATA BiH and Oxfam Italy; in Croatia the Project Coordinator is the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik and the partners are the Development Agency of City of Dubrovnik – DURA, Croatian Travel Agencies association – UHPA and Kallipolis – Italy.

With a goal of expanding the existing coastal offer of the southern Adriatic in the hinterland and the island territory as well as enhancing the cooperation with the service providers in tourism and their networking, the hiking and biking trails branded as the Blue trail have been designed.


The unique hiking route connects six countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the Southern Alps to the north of Albania. Via Dinarica is intended to discover the natural beauty of the Dinarides along the projected path.

Via Dinarica has three types of trails as follows: White line follows the highest peaks of the high Dinarides, the Blue line marks the mountain range along the Adriatic coast, and the Green line leads to the lower mountains that drown into the Pannonia plain.

Blue trails are designed to go from the Adriatic Sea (Neum) through the lower karsts field (Popovo field) and the part of the middle of the karsts field (Ljubinje) towards the Hutovo town (Hadžibeg town) and the Orjen Mountain, and then back to the Adriatic (Elaphites) near Dubrovnik.