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Churches on the island of Sipan – Mediaeval heritage of the island Sipan

Šipan, Općina Dubrovnik, Croatia

From  the former 34 pre-Romanesque and Romanesque old Croatian churches on Sipan, in its original form, is only a few of them preserved: St. Petar, St. Ivan in the village of Silovo , St. Mihajlo in Pakljena, Church of the Nativity of Mary, and St. Mihovil “above the sea”. With the recent restoration of the churches of. Peter and St. Ivan, are returned to the original appearance. Today it is cultivated as a sanctuary, and are open to visitors (on request).

Old croatian churches from this period were built simply by rough whole stones of irregular shape, and bonded with mortar of coarse sand and lime, one-nave, rectangular, barrel vault with a dome in the middle of the roof covered with stone slabs and portals often decorated with wicker ornaments. The exterior walls are reinforced by buttresses (static as well as decorative purposes) and pilasters, and the whole church was covered with white lime to give a unique look. The interior was often decorated with frescoes (Sv. Ivan, Sv. Mihajlo).

These churches are in the literature known as the so-called  southern Dalmatian dome type of church and they hold an important place in the rich corpus of medieval architectural heritage, and the number of surviving buildings represent the most prominent type of architecture in the construction of southern Dalmatia, and this just in the Dubrovnik area, and it is of 16 monuments (including 12 of the Elaphite islands).

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Šipan, Općina Dubrovnik, Croatia

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