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Villa Nova, Primorska, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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This award-winning hotel that offers a view of the eastern coast of the clear blue Adriatic is located in the middle of a pine forest, close to the private beach. The hotel features rooms and suites, 300 meters from the center of Neum. Hotel Villa Nova is located in a quiet location in Neum, 500 meters from the city center.

Also, the hotel won the award for the best apart hotel awarded by the Association of hoteliers and restaurateurs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Primorska 7, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Telefon: +387 36 885 220; +387 36 885 229

FAX: +387 36 885 225
Contact person: Tereza Krešić, director of sales and marketing

Villa Nova, Primorska, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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