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Biking trail

Neum – Hutovski grad – Hrasno

Within the project Via Dinarica Blue Trail, beauties of Neum and Neum hinterland can be experienced on a bicycle while riding through a bicycle trail Neum- Hutovski city – Hrasno, a distance of thirty kilometers.

The path, which is an asphalt road, by it’s entire length, leading through the villages, such as Neum, Longer, Moševići, Gradac, Broćanac, Prapratnica, Hutovo, Cerovica offers the possibility of more detailed exploration of their cultural and historical sights.

Riding a bicycle from Neum, an unavoidable stop is in the village of Moševići, where it is possible to meet with the local agritourism, and with the remains of the Old town of Hutovo, and in Hutovo – Homeland memorial house.

Hutovo, in the hinterland of Neum, is a hidden treasure yet to be discovered to the world. By the suppression of the railway, the lifeline of this region, disappeared the former vibrancy, and life went going on some slower pace, but what until recently was considered a lack, now trumps Hutovo. The restoration of the former narrow-gauge railway for tourism purposes is initiated.

It should be noted that the relation Neum – Hrasno is quite challenging to drive in direction to Hrasno than going back, and that there is more than 15 kilometers of driving downhill when coming back.

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