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The beauties of Šipana,which, along with Koločep and Lopud constitutes the Elaphite islands, is located around 7,6 nautical miles northwest from Dubrovnik, and you can discover it now through the Via Dinarica Blue Trail. In just an hour from Dubrovnik, you will reach Šipan, on the oldest Jadrolinija ship Postira, and rest your solul and body while enjoying the birds chirping, rosemary and olive smell, the sounds of the ocean and an excelent gastronomic offer.

The cycling track (Via Dinarica Blue trail) on the Šipan island is 3,8 km long. If you want to enjoy extreme water sports, you can chooe to do just that. Kayaking, cycling, hiking, mountaineering… Exploring the coast and the inland of the island with olive groves, vineyards and carob farms. Spectacular panoramic view of the entire area with the sunsets and sunrises. The beauty and tranquility of the Šipan island, but the hospitality of the locals too, will charm you from your very arrival.

The two largest settlements on the island are the Šipans Port and Sudjuradj, connected by the road that runs through the fertile Šipan Field. Nowadays, the spacious beaches, clean, fish rich, sea, plenty of greenery and famous šipan wine bring more and more guests looking for a peaceful vacation.

Tourist information office Sipan +385 20 758 084

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