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Trebinje – Orjen

The most interesting of all Via Dinarica Blue Trail trails is the one leading from Trebinje to Orjen mountain. The beginning of the trail is at the exit from Trebinje towards Dubrovnik, on Geljevo bridge at around 274 meter altitude.

The trail begins at the old Austro-Hungarian hiking trail that follows the serpentines. After the third so-called elbow or serpentine, one trail separates towards a still unexplored phenomenon «Stone Eyes» which can easily be reached within an hour. The trail continues along the serpentines and exits onto a wider path which is surrounded by the southern path of the Trebinje transversal, which includes three forts from the Austro-Hungarian period, Strač, Petrina and Golo brdo.

This trail enters the beginning of this path, at the third kilometers of the transversal and still before the path splitting towards the forts. Going down this tral, you pass the split on the left side for Golo brdo and Petrina, and after that, on the right side, for Strač, and continues straight towards the village Rapti. Via a wide dirt road through the village Donji Rapti, over Gornji Rapti, which are abandoned, also via an Austro-Hungarian, wider, underpinned trail, which after about a kilometer, turns into a narrow hiking trail, you get to the village Turmenti, on the Zubac plateau at 60-700 meters of altitude, under the mountain Orjen.

The trail which is good for both recreational and mountain biking, extends through the plateau, via the asphalt road to the village of Orašje, and then via the the dirt road through a beautiful dub forest, where it again exits on the asphalt road for about 200 m, and after enteres into the part which the locals call „potočina“, and via that, for about 2 kilometers, almost parallel with the asphalt road continues towards Orjen and the Ubla rest stop.

Stepping back onto the asphalt road, you reach the intersection which, to the left, splits towards the village Konjsko, and to the right towards the Ubla rest stop and Orjen mountain. The trail pases the village Bogojević after which te vegetation changes too. After young dubs, oaks, the pines slowly start showing up, and you enter the mountain and reach the Ubla plateau, at around 1020 meters of altitude, where the beautiful old pine forest is mostly represented, dotted with beech wood. From that rest stop to the Vučiji zub peak, which is the end point of this line of Via Dinarica, the distance is 8,5 km, and a detailed description of the trail is on the web site of the association.

From the parking lot at the end of the asphalt road, via a dirt road, after 200 meters, via a shortcut to the left, after around 500 meters, via another small shortcut and continuing down the trail, above the Kopriva Do, where you turn left… (the road splits right and goes down into the small village Kopriva Do). After this first kilometer, via the same trail, after another kilometer, you reach the stone marking for the turn towards Jastrebice. After the next 3,5 km on a dirt road, you reach Pirine fields (5,5 km from Ubla), and the village Pirin brijeg (a longer break is recommended) from which you can see the peaks: Vučji zub, Prase ridge, behind which you can see the peak of Zubački / Veliki cable, and to the right you can see the Buganja greda and Visoki brijeg. The trail continues on the edge of the Pirine field, and after 500 m we reach the spot where the trail splits to the left, towards the ridge which connects Jastrebica and Vučji zub. We continue down the trail which ends in the forest after 500 m, and a narrow hiking trail, which leads to Dobri do, begins. At 7 km from Ubla, we reach Dobri Do at 1380 meters of altitude (a short break is recommended at the nearby rest stop). The the entrance to Dobri Do, the trail splits left towards Vučji zub, and right towards Zubac/Veliki cable and Buganja greda.

You have another 1,5 km to the Vučji zub peak and around 430 meters of altitude difference.

We continue left through a beech forest, all the way to the spot where we will get a view of the southwest vertical rock of the Vučji zub (a short break is recommended). We reach a small flat, then we enter the forest, after which we exist into the area mainly inhabited by the pine trees. Short after we reach a spot where the marking splits towards the cave which can be used as shelter. We continue via small serpentines and exit to the mall valley on the Prase ridge (a short break is recommended). Here, the view to the depths of Montenegro opens up, and is dominated by Lovćen. The hiking trails split here, left towards Vučji zub, straight down towards Orjen saddle, and right towards the Prase and Zubac/Veliki cable peaks.

We continue to the left, down a increasingly steep trail to the especially dangerous part around 150m long, where, for safety of the mountaineers, a steel cable was set – and it requires special caution when moving… (the small ledge at the beginning of the cable can be used for shelter). After the cable, and one more steep slope, you reach the Vučji zub peak at 1805 meters of altitude, from which you can see almost all Orjen peaks, and especially beautiful is the view over Lovćen, Prokletija, Žijovo over Komovo, Prekornica, Morača mountains, Vojnik to Durmitor, Bioča, Volujka.

During the marking of this trail, the mountaineers of the Mountineering Association „Vučji zub“, for the first time in the region, sprayed crystals on the marking to reflect light, and to make the night movement easier.

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