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Hiking trail

Žakovo – Zagora

It starts in the village Žakovo at the beginning of the Popovo plain, 25 km of distance from Trebinje to Ljubinje, goes to the Motka top on Mount Bjelasnica.

In the initial part, the trail follows between fouling fields, the path through the village. At the starting point, namely at the church in the village to which comes a narrow asphalt road, at about 380 meters above sea level it is possible to park the car. The top of the mountain Bjelasnica, called the Motka top, is located at 1,390 meters above sea level, which means that if you are going to reach it, you have to overcome a big climb of over 1000 meters.

The trail is well arranged and marked. After approximately 2.5 km the trail is separated from the track to the Motka top, and continues right to the valleys beyond the reef and after these valleys to the Turica village. There is a way to this village by which it is possible to come with a car.

The path continues down that road to the village of Zagora, and from that village, by a better road, the path goes to the intersection under Begovic tower, the road that goes from Ljubinje to Trebinje.

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