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Biking trail

Zavala – Ivanica

At the very beggining of the path, from Zavala, starts a very steep ascent to the village Belenići or Kijev Do. After driving downhill, then uphill again, the drive continues through a dirt road, mostly adjusted for driving.

Since at this stage there are a number of villages that are off the main road, it is important to pay attention to tracking orange spray colored labels with an arrow on the asphalt or on the rock, which beside the guiding boards, show the real direction and the direction of the track. You have to follow the directions because it is possible to misjudge the track, because at some points the track continues through the path that looks worse than the other possible way.

The track also initiates in an environment of extreme Herzegovina fleshpot. Village Golubinac, through which the path passes, is just a textbook example of appearance of this area. The track can be used in the summer, of course, and in the winter, it’s almost snow-free all the time. Of course, Herzegovina is tied to the term of northern and southern winds, so if these winds are blowing during the period of visit, depending on their strength and direction could greatly affect the energy needed for pedaling. Moving on down the track, there is a lot of steep downhills and uphills and the course is challenging.

After the village Vlake, Kalađurđevići and Vukovići, comes an intersection from which the left path goes towards Hum and Trebinje, and the right path goes towards Ivanica by an old road that was asphalted thanks to another project, also funded by the EU Project „Cycling to history – the revitalization of the old narrow-gauge rails ĆIRO“, following that path, after just a few miles we come to Uskoplje, and after that to Ivanica.

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